Yemen + 6 others

Already affected by the scourge of conflict, some 50,000 hit by floods and landslides

UNHCR coordinated the shelter and relief response for 15,000 people. Meanwhile, coalition-affiliated forces continued an offensive against extremist elements in the southern governorates.

Sudan + 1 other

Conflict and deteriorating food security push South Sudanese into Sudan

While the number of new South Sudanese arrivals in Sudan in 2016 is 75 per cent more than 39,622 arrivals registered during the same period last year, the level of funding provided is significantly lower.

Syria + 1 other

UN relief chief urges greater humanitarian support for Syrians in need

The humanitarian situation for millions of Syrians across the region remains distressing and dire. Some 6.5 million are internally displaced, while some five million seek refuge elsewhere.


Civilians fleeing Fallujah urgently need protection and help

Humanitarian agencies on the ground in Iraq warn that civilians in Fallujah are at extreme risk. At least 50,000 people are thought to still be in the city, unable to flee.

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