Up to one million Iraqis could be forced to flee their homes as fighting intensifies

More than ten million people are already in need of assistance in the country. More than three million people are already internally displaced. If there is the predicted upsurge in violence, then the figure of internally displaced could dramatically increase, says ICRC.

Lebanon + 1 other

Lebanon: Syrian women at risk of sex trafficking

Weaknesses and a lack of coordination in the Lebanese government’s response to sex trafficking is putting women and girls at risk, Human Rights Watch said on the World Day against Trafficking in Persons.

Niger + 1 other

Niger : Près de 30 000 personnes touchées par les inondations

Au 25 juillet, 11 personnes ont trouvé la mort. Agadez et Tahoua sont de loin les régions les plus touchées avec respectivement 60 et 18 pour cent des personnes concernées.

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Millions in South Asia hit by floods and landslides after severe monsoon rains

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is set to launch an emergency operation to support the Indian Red Cross in helping 25,000 people in Assam.

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